Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hoarding Lint

I watch the TV show Hoarders each Monday evening. I think it's fascinating to watch these people who live like pigs scream and whine and gripe to paid professionals about not throwing away that Wendy's cup because, you know, where can they ever get another Wendy's cup?

But after the first show of the new season, maybe a month or two ago, I went through my dishwasher and pitched a good quantity of glass jars, plastic tubs, paper towel rolls--all crap I was saving for crafts or you know, just in case. And yes, you read that right.The dishwasher. I don't use my dishwasher. I store junk food and hoarding supplies in it instead.

And sometimes I find wads of lint tucked away (usually it gets tucked away when someone's coming over and I have to move it off the coffee table or something) in a drawer or some other weird place it doesn't belong. I usually keep my lint in a plastic bag but still.

I guess I hoard lint.

What do you hoard?


  1. Thank you for calling attention to this serious problem, that can be life threatening. Clearly it is difficult for anyone who does not suffer from a cluttering problem to understand what it is like to be paralyzed emotionally and unable to let go of things that appear to be trash to others. Thank god there is a 12 step group for people who are desperate to help themselves through fellowship, action and provides tools to let go of things one day at a time. Clutterers Anonymous

  2. Yes, hoarding is a disease and a sad one. I think we all hoard certain things to a degree and hope those with a serious problem can ask for help before it endangers their lives.



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