Friday, November 5, 2010

A Man and His Navel Lint...

Yes, you read right. An Australian librarian has been collecting the "navel fluff," as he calls it, from his belly button since 1984.Thanks go to my niece, Trista, for sharing this tale with me to share with you.

Collecting navel lint.

Saving belly button fuzz.

What a gross hobby, you may say. Yep, I'd say. But Graham Barker has picked himself the honor of a Guinness World Record. How much navel lint has he collected in 26 years? Just 22.1 grams, that's .77 ounce. Not even 1 measly ounce. Graham may not be the only person to have had this much navel lint, but he is the one who saved it for all to see. And he was brave enough to admit he saved it. And from what I understand, admitting you have a problem is the first step....

Check out the jars by decade of his navel fluff here. 

What I thought of when I first saw the three jars lined up was did he wear the same shirt the entire time? I mean look at the colors. Weird. And here is picture of the Navel Lint King and his jars.

Do you have belly button lint? Do you save it? We'll have our own poll and see who among us plays on Barker's team.


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