Friday, June 14, 2013

LINT in Texas

Sorry fellow lint lovers for the long time, no lint posts. I haven't had much exciting lint news to report, so today I decided to do a little online search for lint. Here's what I found.

There is an organization in Texas called LINT. That's right. They actually have nothing to do with lint like I like, the fluffy bits leftover from drying clothes, but that's okay.

The Texas LINT organization--yes, their www ends in .org--stands for Luthiers Interactive of North Texas (LINT).  

Their group is "an association of North Texas Luthiers and stringed instrument repair people who meet six times a year. We meet on a weekend of every EVEN month to discuss and learn new techniques and information regarding the construction and repair of stringed instruments.  Various members of LINT have expertise in hand crafting and repairing all sorts of stringed musical instruments including guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, cellos, lutes, mandolins, and violins."

I had no clue! It sounds like a great group to join if you are handy and crafty and musical. Two outta three ain't bad, I guess.* I even found a book on Amazon called The Luthier's Handbook:  A Guide to Building Great Tone in Acoustic Stringed Instruments (shown above).

Do you know of any other groups that use the acronym LINT? I'd love to feature them here.

*Can't carry a tune in a sack.


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