Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is Your Lint a Reflection of You?

Maybe, or maybe it's just a reflection of your clothes. I just cleaned my lint filter and this is what I found.

Nothing too exciting as far as lint goes. Not like a good wad of red lint from the dryer after a blanket had tumbled dry, all fluffy and looking like it's missing from Santa's suit. Nope, this is just a grayish-blue wad and on the small size to boot.

Nothing to write home about but good enough for this blog.

I've been wearing a lot of blue and black lately so it's no wonder my lint is this color. It's "winter" here in Arizona and "cold." My "winter" "cold-weather" clothes are mostly black--sweatpants and shirts. Of course, cold and winter are relative terms. I saw the bottom of an orange tree wrapped in a white tarp on my bike ride today. I guess it has been getting a little chilly at night and the owner doesn't want the oranges to freeze. So, if the tarp were washed and dried, I guess the lint would be white. Orange would be prettier.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Linty Christmas

Merry Linty Christmas and Happy Lint Year.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Belly Button Lint Bears, Oh My!

Etsy is a great marketplace for buying and selling. In fact, it is "Your place to buy & sell all things handmade."

All things homemade, like Teddy bears made of belly button lint. Okay, maybe they're not actually made from belly button lint, but it is LINT! And bettyraecase sells these cute critters in her Etsy shop.

Check out bettyraecase here.

These little fellers are adorable with a capital A! Rachel, the brains behind bettyraecase, describes these guys thusly:

These charming, tiny teddys are made of lint and even have eyes and a nose! They come in a 2.5" glass jar with a cork and label. Each teddy-in-a-jar comes in a black satin satchel to keep them safe and precious.

A great small gag gift for just about anyone who likes to laugh! Wonderful for curiosity collectors! Never fails to start a conversation!

Mice and rabbits coming soon!
I ask you, what have you made with lint today?


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