Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is Your Lint a Reflection of You?

Maybe, or maybe it's just a reflection of your clothes. I just cleaned my lint filter and this is what I found.

Nothing too exciting as far as lint goes. Not like a good wad of red lint from the dryer after a blanket had tumbled dry, all fluffy and looking like it's missing from Santa's suit. Nope, this is just a grayish-blue wad and on the small size to boot.

Nothing to write home about but good enough for this blog.

I've been wearing a lot of blue and black lately so it's no wonder my lint is this color. It's "winter" here in Arizona and "cold." My "winter" "cold-weather" clothes are mostly black--sweatpants and shirts. Of course, cold and winter are relative terms. I saw the bottom of an orange tree wrapped in a white tarp on my bike ride today. I guess it has been getting a little chilly at night and the owner doesn't want the oranges to freeze. So, if the tarp were washed and dried, I guess the lint would be white. Orange would be prettier.

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