Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lint in Literature: Two Sisters by Mary Hogan

I'm reading the novel Two Sisters by Mary Hogan and came across this bit of lint in literature last night:

Lidia replied, "Black isn't as slimming as everyone says it is." Then she added, "That white napkin will leave lint all over your pants."

At first I wasn't so sure about this book about two sisters with eight years difference between them, but the more I read it, the better I like it.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lint in Literature: The Writing Circle by Corinne Demas

I was reading the tail end of The Writing Circle by Corinne Demas last night and spotted some lint:

Under her tutelage he flossed, he cleaned his ears with Q-Tips, in the shower he spread the cheeks of his buttocks and washed with soap, he filed his fingernails, clipped his toenails, spread petroleum jelly between his littlest toes, where the skin had a tendency to flake, and removed lint from his belly button.


Is that a lovely description of tidying up?


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