Monday, January 25, 2010

Put That Lint to Use Already!

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use lint. This is a perfect one!

Mosaicmom, a writer on eHow, has an article called How to Make Filler for Stuffed Toys that intrigued me. Check out Step 2 of this article and before you know it, lazy Mr. Lint will soon be off the couch working, like he should be. Yes, most lint is male.


  1. I use some of my lint to re-stuff my saggy couch cushions, so I can see how it would make great stuffed toy filler.

    I also like to toss a piece of lint out into the wild every once in awhile and let the birds use it for their nests.

  2. Cheap Cindy, giving the birds some nesting material is a great idea for your extra lint. Great idea... now, to track down a bird's nest made of lint. The search is on!

  3. What a unique concept for a blog! This is so entertaining. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all things lint!

    Karen (



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