Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lint in Literature -- Under the Dome

Okay, I might be stretching it to call Stephen King's new book Under the Dome literature, but you can't beat the alliteration:  Lint in Literature. Oh yeah.

I'm in the home stretch of this huge book, fewer than 50 pages to go. But last night as I was reading, this jewel jumped off page 1027:

"Big Jim, his back now to Carter sighed. 'But I'll be eating roast beef at the Lord's table in a minute or two, so that's all right.' He raised a pudgy finger and pressed it high on the back of his neck. 'Right here. The brain stem. All right?'

Carter swallowed what felt like a large dry ball of lint. 'Yes, sir.'"


To check my blog about books, click A Good Book is Awaiting.You never know when more lint's going to roll through.

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