Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Composting Lint

Did you know you could compost lint? I didn't until this week when my friend Barb wrote in an email:  "Did you know that lint is a perfect addition to your compost bin?  Seems weird, I know."

So, I looked it up and found this wonderful red worm site that talks about how the worm dude put a lint ball in the worm bin. I used to raise worms for the castings (worm poop), which is great fertilizer. And that's what compost is, great fertilizer. 

Beware! The site has graphic images of red worms feasting away on lint and other organic crap. Fascinating!

I'd say you can probably add lint directly to the compost pile too, if you have one of those going. Lint is after all mostly flecks of cotton, which is a plant fiber. Just be sure to tear it into small pieces,
spread it out, water it, turn it, basically all the good stuff you do to your other composting material. 

Let me know if YOU use lint in your compost.

I got a nice picture to add to this post from Liz. She composts lint! Thanks, Liz!

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