Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Lint Feeder

Lint lint lint. It's something we don't think about much other than when we occasionally remember to scrape a wad out of the lint filter to make room for more, but I stumbled across this cute little lint feeder.

Cathi makes these lint feeders and sells them on Etsy. Here is the description of her handmade lint feeders from her Etsy store, The Square Peg:

Its always seemed a bit of a waste to me to just toss the lint from our dryer into the trash.

Problem solved with this little lint feeder! Hang it on an exterior wall, fence post, tree or anywhere birds gather in spring, and let the birds feather their nests with your dryer lint!

Stoneware clay with Shino and Ohata glazes, it measures about 6 inches across and 3" deep.

Comes with natural Manzanita perch (actual perch may vary)

I'd like to caution you NOT to use lint from clothes dried with a dryer sheet, as its not good for birdies!
Its also best if you don't use dryer lint until after your area's rainy season is done, as wet lint can compromise the integrity of a nest's structure.
Cute, huh? And what a good idea, letting lint go to the birds.

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