Monday, May 10, 2010

Lint as Fire Starter

Lint. It really is useful stuff. I post links to my blogs and online articles to RedGage to get more exposure for my writing. Another RedGage user, Kinderhook, recently commented on one of my earlier lint blog entries. She said that lint is great as a fire starter. Well, I guess it would be! Lint is, after all, little bits of fabric that flies off our clothes in the drier and gets caught in the lint filter.And fabric, especially little bits of it, will burn so it makes sense that lint would too.

So, here's what my current wad of lint would look in a campfire setting:

So... the dog sniffed out the campsite, the donkey hauled the lint and vittles, the singing pickle provides the entertainment, Cookie the chef is ready to make dinner once the poodle gets the fire started, with the lint, of course.

Going to start collecting your lint now, aren't you?

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