Friday, June 4, 2010

Skully Darkmoon Lint Clay Art Doll

Okay, here's a new one to me. Lint clay art! Who knew? Not me. This guy (it's actually a gal!) was created by Etsy artist DarkMoonDoll. And here she is:

The Etsy description follows:

Skully was created by making clay lint. Clay lint is a type of clay that can be made using dryer lint,and glue. I formed the shape of the body and head all in one mass. I let it dry for a week. After the form dried I applied acrylic paints on to create the creepy face, striped skull shirt, black pants shirt, and white streaked hair. Skully is very sturdy and and as hard as concrete so she is not extremely fragile. She stands 7 inches tall

Check out DarkMoonDoll's Etsy shop.

So cool! I never ever thought of combining lint and glue to make clay, but then again, why not?


  1. Interesting blog. I love when people make cool, creative things out of unexpected materials.

  2. Thanks, Rick. It's always fascinating to find out what people use, isn't it!?



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