Thursday, June 14, 2012

Named One of the Four Weirdest

Squidoo is a Web site where I write articles. They offer quests (sort of like assignments, where, instead of a grade, you get extra points) on certain topics. One of the recent quests was called "Be Weird." We were tasked to write about "an offbeat hobby, strange occupation, unusual habit or any other eccentricity they might have." 

Well, I was stumped since I'm so weird, but a friend suggested I write about lint. So, I did. My article is What To Do with Dryer Lint. I submitted it a few days ago but woke up today with this headline in my dashboard:  "Four Weird Lenses and Counting." 

In the news from Squidoo HQ, they shared four of the weirdest articles submitted to the Be Weird quest so far. Yep, I made the list. 

Thank you. Thank you.

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