Friday, June 1, 2012

Lint in Literature: 11/22/63

I've been reading Stephen King's latest book 11/22/63 for a week or so now. It's long, but it's very good. Last night while reading along, I found the first bit of lint in it! Since the book is 849 pages, it would be fairly disappointing if lint didn't show up at least once!

Here it is:

"That evening at six, Sadie inspected me, reknotted my tie, and then brushed some lint, real or imagined, from the shoulders of my sport coat."

I don't think I gave anything away with that snippet, in case you haven't read this book. But seriously, it is so good. Basically, a guy from 2009 (I think it is) goes through a portal that takes him to 1958. He has the opportunity to change history by keeping JFK alive. Of course that can't happen but if anyone can convince you of wormholes and alternate realities, it's Stephen King.

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